Creator of famous Clover Configurator is looking for volunteers. If you want to help translating Clover Configurator into your language, go to and leave a comment. 13 languages needs to be translated:

Chinese (Simplified, traditional) – target-language= “zh-Hans”, “zh-Hant”
Dutch – target-language= “nl”
French – target-language= “fr”
German – target-language= “de”
Italian – target-language= “it”
Japanese – target-language= “ja”
Korean – target-language= “ko”
Polish – target-language= “pl”
Portuguese (Brazil) – target-language= “pt-BR”
Russian – target-language= “ru”
Spanish (Spanish, Latin America) – target-language= “es”, “es-419”

Translation is done using XLIFF EDITOR. There's more than 4000 lines to translate.

Clover Configurator

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